Welcome aboard!

Here it is, my new website and my first blog being written from sunny Bangkok. I was expecting it to be warmer actually but i’m not complaining. As a side note, If you want to stay in Bangkok on a budget but in some style while relaxing at the pool, I strongly recommend Refill Now, $10US a night, happy Johnny!

On a visa run here. Originally it was to be Sri Lanka, but the gig got cancelled so i felt like a change of scenery.

Why the new site? Well I’ve been quieter of late, often in the studio while also getting distracted by other concerns in life. I woke up recently and it dawned on me I have been neglecting the world, the virtual world that is. So here I am and here it is. It’s amazing how much work there is to be done but I am excited and have a lot of plans coming up in 2017 so stay tuned. Oh and keep Friday free if you are in Bangalore, I’ll be spinning with Arjun Vagale. More details to come.