The Future of Funk


The season is changing for me in India. When I first started visiting the country, I was told off in a Mumbai venue for playing deep house. No one understood it. Now everyone is playing it and in some ways it has become a bit stale for me. You know the formula, get a nice venue, grab a deep house DJ. The same can be said for tech house and techno. Start a venue, get another batch of tech DJs to play because it’s what everyone else is doing and it’s cool. I will never ever lose any love for these genres and will continue to push them, but what is cool? I think what is cool is originality, it’s having the courage to do something different and original. To hear a sound from overseas and try to run it here, not because it’s popular but because it’s unique and you believe it is an important addition to the developing music culture in India.

It is with this in mind that I shall now look to push unexplored genres in dance music. Having been a DJ for some 24 years I already have a collection of unique funky sounds. In fact, some years ago i teamed up with Submerge and we did a few events together where I showcase a brand new form of future funk. It was going great until they booked me to play to a really young and commercial crowd and I had to stop play to allow the resident DJ back on.

I feel India is more ready now than then for some fresh sounds and for me to deliver it. Expect from me a continued commitment to play cutting edge tech music. But also expect to see and hear me push the future of funk. I would like to leave you with a fun and funny video of me playing Sunburn. Probably one of the first times Indians had heard Jackin House. I hope you enjoy!!