Do you like my pantys?

Well it’s the start of the week but no blues for me. I actually love what I do so every day, if it involves music is a good day hehe. This week sees my first EP on the PP Music label. Other big artists on the label include Mario Ochoa,DJ PP, Angelo Ferreri and Jack Mood so very happy to be joining this club. I am currently having the EP remastered as the original master is too hot and too bright. The bad news is that it will go to the shops not sounding exactly as I would like it. The good news is that, the new remastered version will go to all my friends and DJ friends new and improved, so if that’s you, lucky you 🙂 (You can send me a message here if you are interested in a promo).

To the name, The tracks were originally arranged using just my laptop and headphones at my Dad’s house in the Welsh countryside. The property is called Pant-Y-Groes and hence the EP name, Pantys Cottage. I’m working hard this week to get a promo of this EP to as many people as possible so wish me luck. Music is a tough industry and I have realised it’s not enough just to make a decent track, there’s so much more to do and then some.

In other news, I’ve been working hard on mixing down my next 5 tracks for release. You can hear a sample of Maribou  here. A big shout out to Naresh Sukumar who has got great ears and has also been kind enough to let me use his studio. Also a big thank you to Karthik Muthaiyan who has put together this cool website you are now on. Good to have such a good friends. Got to get back to work so wishing you all a great week ahead. 🙂